Beyond The Wharf
9th & 10th November 2022

Film & Advertising Industry


Canary Wharf, London

180 The Strand (Soho House), London


Date & time

9th of November 2022: 6pm - 9 pm

10th of November 2022: 9am - 10 pm

Networking B2B

Meetings between media and film production companies from the Canaries and the UK


About the event

Within the Business Plan of PROEXCA the objective of reactivating trade with the United Kingdom after Brexit is a strategic priority. By enhancing the prosperous and historical trade between the two territories, the Canary Islands wishes to make British companies and consumers aware of the high quality of products offered by the archipelago, as well as the offering in digital technology, innovation, content, and digital entertainment that has developed over the past fifteen years.

PROEXCA has designed a repositioning strategy for the Canarian brands that want to enter the UK
market. We plan to develop awareness, promotion, and networking actions for the agri-food, tech-innovation, and film industries. The film and advertising industry will have the chance to meet with the Investment Team and learn about the Business Ambassador programme and the advantages the Canaries offer. 

The Canaries have developed a new, modern, creative, and competitive economy in the 21st century through awareness, promotion, and networking efforts. With a strong focus on knowledge and innovation, the islands provide new opportunities for UK business partners Beyond the Wharf.

DAY 1 09.11.2022 Institutional Welcome Act

6 pm: Welcome and inaugural presentation by PROEXCA.

PROEXCA delegation and politicians will participate in communicating the Canary Islands' global value proposition.

Crossrail Place Roof Garden, Canary Wharf

Nearest underground station: Canary Wharf



DAY 2 10.11.2022 - B2B Meetings

3:30 pm: Doors open

4 pm: Welcome by PROEXCA:

Canary Islands: location for business: The best kept secret, Pilar Moreno FDI Manager PROEXCA, Canary Islands Government

Canary Islands: location for advertising productions, Pablo Hernandez, President at ZEC

 4:30 pm: Elevator pitch by Canarian businesses

5 pm: Networking begins

5 pm: Catering (collaboration between 180 TS and Chef Juan Santiago) 

6:30 pm: All meetings and presentations to finish

8 pm: Event concludes


Soho House “180 The Strand”

Nearest underground stations: Temple and Covent Garden



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Generar participación, opinión y masa crítica a través del intercambio de experiencias a nivel empresarial en el ámbito de la internacionalización de la economía canaria, de manera que se asocie el crecimiento individual de cada empresa y el desarrollo de nuestra región en sentido amplio.

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